Eco-friendly Products choose the EU Ecolabel
Eco-friendly Products choose the EU Ecolabel

Checklist for Workshops

The main questions to be answered during the preparation, performance and post-preparation of a workshop are

  1. responsible staff (management, assistance)
  2. objective of the workshop
  3. special target groups: potential applicants, licence holders, industry representatives, media, consultants, experts 
  4. date and location 
  5. number of participants expected 
  6. title,  programme and duration 
  7. guest speakers and topics
  8. costs and financing, payment and reimbursement 
  9. cooperation partners (Chamber of Commerce? Paper producer?)
  10. contact selection
  11. pre-announcement and invitation
  12. pre-contacting of potential participants
  13. materials to be prepared 
  14. catering
  15. technical equipment
  16. feedback questionnaire
  17. post-communication with participants and arrangement of next steps with potential applicants
  18. media work (including clipping of results) 
  19. final report