Eco-friendly Products choose the EU Ecolabel
Eco-friendly Products choose the EU Ecolabel

Tools for Competent Bodies

One of the tasks of this project is the collection, description and development of information and tools  that will help national Competent Bodies with the implementation of the EU Ecolabel for Printed paper products in their countries.

  • Best practice Manual
  • Basic tools

The BEST PRACTICE MANUAL is a collection of guidlines, checklists and best practice examples on

  • what a Competent Body can do ..
    • to communicate the offer of the EU Ecolabel award to companies and key stakeholders
    • to establish a fast and effective application procedure
    • to keep in contact with and to promote companies awarded with the EU Ecolabel

  • what a company can do ..
    • to assess the costs & benefits of the EU Ecolabel award for one (or more) of their products
    • to apply
    • to use the EU Ecolabel logo in their marketing

More BASIC TOOLS for Competent Bodies - beside the Best practice Manual - will contain

  • a brochure with information towards companies and multipliers on the EU Ecolabel for printed paper products, including criteria, a checklist for self-assessment, steps of the application, sources for further information, contacts etc.Best Practice Manual

  • a promotional set & support for EU Ecolabel Workshops
    • EU Ecolabel Roll-ups and banner
    • EU Ecolabel folders for participants (that can be filled with informational material such as the criteria, fact sheet, Competent Body information and contacts, a list of EU Ecolabel consultants and auditors, consumer brochure, etc.)
    • a master template of an EU Ecolabel Workshop Invitation & Schedule (word-format, adaptable for a national workshop)
  • Standard presentations on
    • The EU Ecolabel for printed paper products - implementation in Europe
    • The EU Ecolabel - Trends & Marketing
    • The application for the EU Ecolabel for printed paper products 

  • Support by the project team through
    • consultancy, coaching sessions in order to arrange your implementation work
    • presentations at the workshop
    • etc.

Feel free for questions & remarks, suggestions in ordert to help to further develop our support tools:

Thank you very much

Your EU Ecolabel Project Team