Eco-friendly Products choose the EU Ecolabel
Eco-friendly Products choose the EU Ecolabel


The Workshop-Kit for event managers 


The following materials and steps turned out being very helpful for national CBs and industry associations when they organised their own EU Ecolabel workshops.

You can download and adaptate templates, place orders for promotional material with us (free in the countires covered by this project during 2013) and add your own ideas to arrange your event in a most appropriate way.


1.  Invitation & Programme flyer - for individual adaptation 

    (outside and inside view of the flyer)


     1. Watch the programmes already developed for other workshops in the reports.
      2.  Download the template, change text, logos and pictures.
      3.  generate a lean pdf file for invitation by email (size about 200-300 KB; see the example)
      4.  print a number of programmes for your invitation mailing and for the event

2.  Name tags - for podium speakers



     1.  Download template, add names and resize it as big as possible so that the most distant participant can read it 
     2.  Print and fold it
     3.  Print also some empty tags for handwritten inscription in case of unforeseen events


3.  Presentations - Standardlayout (ppt) and Standardpresentations:



     1.  Download template oder Standardpresentation (general, project, marketing) with project layout.
     2.  Developing your own presentation you can use text and graphics from presentations used in other workshops,
          which can be downloaded from the workshop reports.
     3.  Put copies of the presentations in the folder for participants - or offer pdf-versions on your national EU Ecolabel website for download.


4.  Feedback questionnaire 


      Download the template (doc en, doc de), adaptate it (translation, location and date), print it out and put it into your packages for the participants, remember the participants to fill this form at the end of your workshop.



5.  Prepare your info desk and folders for the participants


       Arrange a table with informational material for the participants. 

       You can get green EU Ecolabel folders and put in 

  • overview page
  • copy of the criteria
  • fact sheet or info flyer
  • feedback questionnaire

      You can also place flyers or brochures for consumers which can be downloaded and printed from the EU Ecolabel website

      Maybe you can also get give-aways such as USB-Sticks, product samples (e.g. from EU Ecolabel hand washing cleaners, etc.)
      and offer it to the participants for free.


6.   Promotional material for the venue

        Place promotional material such as posters and roll-ups in order to give your location
        a nice and comfortable Corporate Design and atmosphere. Use the tools we offer for free.


7.   Media work

  • Checklist media work
  • Template article
  • examples for articles (..)