Eco-friendly Products choose the EU Ecolabel
Eco-friendly Products choose the EU Ecolabel

Intro flyer for companies

The intro flyer for companies provides a rough overview on the criteria of the EU Ecolabel for printed paper products, the steps of applicatio, fees, contacts, a checklist for self-assessment and sources for more information. 

Start with the english master version (doc master file) and adopt / translate it to develop your own national version (fee system, contacts, etc.)

To get an idea what can be done have a look at the existing national adaptions, in particular the English pdf layout version.

Layouted PDF versions are now available in the following languages:

Once translated the doc file with your own version can be returned to us by email so that we can finalise the layout and deliver the flyer in both a pdf version (for electronic distribution) and printed in a limited edition (for hard copy distribution and for the event) as far as the budget for the project allows.