Eco-friendly Products choose the EU Ecolabel
Eco-friendly Products choose the EU Ecolabel

Best Practice Workshop in Paris

On 16th of  October the Best Practice Workshop for Competent Bodies will be held in the venues of AFNOR the French Competent Body. 

It is dedicated to Competent Bodies who want to effectively implement the EU Ecolabel for printed paper products and exchange experience with other Competent Bodies. The approach is to learn by best practice experiences from experts with in-depth knowledge on many topics:

Working on best practices aims at reducing the workload associated with awarding licences as well as providing information on how to introduce on the market the EU Ecolabel for printed paper products in a creative and practical way. The workshop will highlight key aspects of the application process, and provide marketing and communication strategies. 



Best practice manual

A convenient tool for CB’s in order to achieve two goals:

  • Implementation of the EU Ecolabel in a country
  • Effective communication to companies by providing advices on the way they can use the EU Ecolabel in their marketing activities (through checklists, list of success factors and key stakeholders, tips on how to design a campaign etc).

The manual will be used during the workshop!

    See you in Paris !

    The Project Team