Eco-friendly Products choose the EU Ecolabel
Eco-friendly Products choose the EU Ecolabel

Workshop in Paris, FR

13 September 2013, 10:00-13:00 h. 

Programme & presentations



- Informational event - The EU Ecolabel for printed paper products - requirements, benefits, application and use of the label.


Presentations and speeches

Welcome and objectives of the meeting (fr)
- Martina Solska, BIO IS, partner of the project “Capacity Building in Member States for implementation of the EU Ecolabel for printed paper” on behalf of the EU Commission

The EU Ecolabel scheme (fr)
- Emilie Machefaux, ADEME, eco-design and sustainable consumption department and Competent Body in France

The EU Ecolabel for "Printed Paper Products" - Criteria, Application and Fees (fr)
- Murielle Gauvain, AFNOR Certification and Competent Body in France

Calculation scheme for the “eco-tax" - advantages for the eco-labelled companies (fr)
- Mickael Martin, EcoFolio

Example of good practices - Testimony of a paper manufacturer (fr)
- Virginie Ori, Hamelin Group

The EU Ecolabel - Trends and Marketing (fr)
- Martina Solska, BIO IS
























Invitation and programm: (pdf fr)

Conference language: French

Cooperation partners: ADEME French Environmental Agency and AFNOR Certification, Competent Bodies in France

Preparation: Participant research, emailing of potential participants, call of potential relays such as UNIC French - Association of Printing and Communication.

Conference contact: Martina Solska, BIO IS

Participants: 32 (companies and associations)

Media work: information on the event communicated via websites: Ecolabels France and ADEME

Material for participants: EU Ecolabel folder including hardcopies of programme, summary of the Commission decision for preinted paper products (factsheet), brochure presenting the EU Ecolabel and criteria for printed paper prdoucts and questionnaires for feedback.

Content and discussion: ADEME presented the regulatory framework for companies and the EU Ecolabel scheme in
particular. Key figures were presented, as well as the process establishing product groups and criteria at the EU level.

AFNOR Certification discussed the criteria valid for printed paper products. They will be valid till 2017 (unless extension by the EC).

Ecofolio, the organisation in France in charge of ensuring the collection and treatment of waste from paper on behalf of the producers introduced its 'eco-contribution'.  Companies placing paper products on the French market have to pay a tax to Ecofolio for the collection and treatment of waste. If they have implemented eco-design actions, for example by obtaining the EU Ecolabel, pay a decreased contribution to Ecofolio. It thus represents a significant economic advantage.

Finally, the company Hamelin presented its expieriences with ecolabels and how it is able now to obtain the EU Ecolabel after implementing a set of actions along the supply chain.

Some of the questions raised during the meeting include:
  • Do criteria regarding hazardous substances apply to the final product or manufacturing?

  • What is the purpose of having the EU Ecolabel when we are a printing company (selling to corporate clients) as the label is dedicated to the final consumer ?

  • Does the award of the EU Ecolabel to a company apply
    to only one product or to all of its products?

  • If I am a publisher willing to be awarded the EU Ecolabel
    and I have several service providers, do I have to ask all
    of them to apply for the EU Ecolabel and  will the audit be
    conducted in each printing house?

  • How do we differentiate an print product awarded with
    the EU Ecolabel for printed paper products to a product
    that is only printed on EU Ecolabel paper?

These and more questions are compiled in the document Questions & Answers for printed paper products (en). 

Results: The participants were generally interested in the EU Ecolabel for printed paper products and the meeting enabled a lively discussion between the presenters and participants. Four participants expressed their interest to apply soon while others requested additional information.

Next steps: Further questions can be sent to the project team via till 11 October 2013. The project team will consult other Member States for their experience on these issues and will ensure the best practice sharing. 

Photographs: Auditorium - Podium - Martina Solska (EU project)