Eco-friendly Products choose the EU Ecolabel
Eco-friendly Products choose the EU Ecolabel

Workshop Berlin

 7 Mai 2013

Programme & presentations


- Das EU Umweltzeichen für Druckerzeugnisse -
Anforderungen, Vorteile, Antragstellung und Zeichennutzung (I
nformational event - The EU Ecolabel for printed paper products - requirements, benefits, application and use of the label)

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Welcome. Susanne Heutling, UBA Berlin

EU Umweltzeichen – Umsetzung in Deutschland ( EU Ecolabel - Implementation in Germany. Henning Scholtz, RAL gGmbH

Die neue EU Umweltzeichen Produktgruppe "Druckerzeugnisse" - Ziele & Umsetzung ( The new EU Ecolabel product group "printed paper products" - Objectives and Implementation). Ernst Leitner, G&L, Coordinator of the Project „Capacity Building in Member States for implementation of the EU Ecolabel for printed paper“

EU Umweltzeichen für Druckerzeugnisse – Kriterien, Antragstellung und Gebühren ( EU Ecolabel for printed paper products - Criteria, application and fees. Dr. Andrea Rimkus, RAL gGmbH

EU Umweltzeichen – Chancen durch integratives Marketing ( EU Ecolabel - Opportunities of integrative Marketing. Dr. W. Andreas Scherlofsky, Energon, Member of the project team

Die Zertifizierung aus Sicht eines Gutachters – Erfahrungen & Erfolge ( The verification from the point of view of an autidor - experience & sucess. Harald Sexl, Austrian accredited auditor for Ecolabelling in the field of printed paper products.









Invitation and programme: (de), map (de)

Cooperation partners: RAL gGmbH,  Umweltbundesamt and Bundesverband Druck und Medien e.V.

Preparation: Invitation by email, talks with consultants, press work

Participants: 50 (printers, key stakeholders of the printing industry, etc.) many more were interested 

Media work: press release and entry in the press event platform > Articles in druck-medien, packmittel-dfv, and vdmb.

Material for participants: EU Ecolabel folders with factsheet, intro-flyer, text, presentations for download.

Language: German

Outcome & conclusion: Many companies seem being interested in the EU Ecolabel but are hesitating because of few but essential open questions
regarding the application. Henning Scholtz and Andrea Rimkus presented the status of implementation in Germany, the criteria, application and fees in detail. Most points seem clear and practicable but some critical points have to be cleared asap. Harald Sexl, consultant with the focus on eco-printing presented the broad experience and answers developed in Austria to tackle the open questions. 4 German printers are already under application (of which some are producing for Denmark where a tax for advertising prints provides a lower tariff only for Ecolabel prints). Blauer Engel is going to develop their own criteria for printed paper products.

Conclusion for the next steps of the project in other countries: Most details of the implementation are clear, already. The rest must and can be cleared immediately by CBs together with experts. The Know-how of those with experience in implementing eco-labels into companies has to be communicated to those countries which are new in that field in order to enable them to develop their own ways compatible with both the EU Ecolabel standards and specific circumstances in their country.  

There is no need to hesitate until "everything" is clear. The CBs can start
with the first essential steps of implementation immediately:

  1. build-up a cooperation with printing associations (in most countries there are two or more)
  2. communicate basic information towards printing companies on the EU Ecolabel for printed paper products including your contact for more information; possibly together with a little questionnaire to find out who is interested in more information, who has specific questions, or who would participate in an informational workshop
  3. try to involve consultant experts (which could be trained and offer their services to printers who are willing to apply for the label 

Auditorium/Dr. Andrea Rimkus, RAL gemeinnützige Gmbh. © G&L Referenten v.l.n.r.: Scherlofsky (ENERGON), Rimkus (RAL), Scholtz (RAL), Sexl (Gutachter), Heutling (UBA). © G&L Dr. Andreas W. Scherlofsky MAS, ENERGON. © G&L Susanne Heutling, Umweltbundesamt Berlin. © G&L Henning Scholtz, RAL. © G&L Harald Sexl, Gutachter für das EU Umweltzeichen und das Österreichische Umweltzeichen. © G&L