Eco-friendly Products choose the EU Ecolabel
Eco-friendly Products choose the EU Ecolabel

Workshop Jyvaskylä

 18 April 2013, seminar at the FinGraf 2013 - trade fair for the printing industry 

Programme & presentations


EU-Ympäristömerkki paiotuotteille

Tunnus kestävälle painotuotteelle ja osoitus hankkijoille ympäristövaatimusten täyttämisestä – Kriteerit, merkinnän edut, hakemuksen laadinta- ja hyväksyntämenettelyt.

(The EU Ecolabel for printed paper products - Criteria, advantages, application and licensing - How to get eco fit for sustainable printing and tenders under environmetal aspects.)

In cooperation with:




Tervetuloa, Ohjelma, Liittojohtaja. Lasse Krogell, Graafinen teollisuus ry

The Role of the EU Ecolabel for “Printed paper products“ – Overview, benefits, GPP (EU-ympäristömerkinnän rooli painotuotealalla
– Yleiskatsaus, höydyt ja merkitys julkisissa hankinnoissa).
 (pdf_en) Mr. Nicholas Paxevanos (Ecolabelling expert), Cenergia Energy
Consultants A/S Denmark

EU-ympäristömerkki painotuotteelle – Vaatimukset, hakeminen, maksut ja vertailu Joutsenmerkkiin. (pdf_fl) Motiva Services Oy, Ms Kirsi Auranmaa 

EU-ympäristömerkin hakeminen käytännössä – Case Helprint Oy. (pdf_fl; pdf_en) Helprint Oy, HSEQ Manager, Juha Pulkkinen 

EU Ecolabel – Trends and Marketing (Trendit ja markkinointi). (pdf_en) Dr. W. Andreas Scherlofsky (Eco Marketing Expert), Energon GmbH, Vienna

Conference language: Finnish (with 2 presentations and parts of the discussion in English)

Cooperation partners: Motiva Services Oy,
Ecolabelling Finland and Federation of the
Printing Industry in Finland (FPI)

Invitation and programm:
pdf_fl, pdf en; doc en, doc fl)

Preparation: Cooperation with FPI re. forwarding information to their members,
joining the media stand and arranging an EU Ecolabel workshop at the
FinGraf 2013 trade fair including presentations by the CB (criteria, application),
the first licence holder Helprnt and the project team (EU Ecolabel, GPP, Marketing)

Participants: about 15 key representatives such as printers, representatives of the
printing industry, media and other visitors at the fair

Media work: article (doc, pdf), FPI and motiva will care for further information to
companies, key stakeholders and media, including their own newsletters and magazines

Material for participants: EU Ecoabel folders with fact sheet (en), article (en), info flyer (fl);
criteria (fl) were handed out to participants

Conclusion: Fairs on printing technology including congresses and side workshops
are an ideal spot to get in contact with and to motivate and offer support to key
stakeholders and innovative pioneer companies of the printing industry.


Fotographs: All - Lasse Krogell (FPI) - Kirsi Auranmaa (motiva) - Juha Pulkkinen (Helprint) - Nicholas Paxevanos (EU project) - Andreas Scherlofsky (EU project) - ...