Eco-friendly Products choose the EU Ecolabel
Eco-friendly Products choose the EU Ecolabel

Workshop Vienna

 6 March 2013, Ministry of Life, banquet hall

Programme & presentations


EU Ecolabel for printed paper products

Eco fit for sustainable printing and tenders under environmental aspects - Critera, advantages, application and licensing

In cooperation with:


Presentations and speeches

Welcome, EU Ecolabel and Austrian Ecolabel – Trends & Synergy potentials. Dipl. Ing. Andreas Tschulik, Lebensministerium, Head of Department V/3: Betrieblicher Umweltschutz and Technologie und Competent Body for the EU Ecolabel

New EU Ecolabel product group for „Printed paper products“ Aims & Implementation (de). Mag. Ernst Leitner, G&L, coordinator of the project “Capacity Building in Member States for implementation of the EU Ecolabel for printed paper” on behalf of the EU Commission

EU Ecolabel for "Printed Paper Products" and Austrian Ecolabel for Printed Paper Products – Criteria, Application and Fees (de). Dipl. Ing. Christian Kornherr, Verein für Konsumenteninformation

EU Ecolabel – Trends and Marketing (de). Dr. W. Andreas Scherlofsky, Energon, partner of the project “Capacity Building in Member States for implementation of the EU Ecolabel for printed paper ” on behalf of the EU Commission













Invitation and programm: (pdf: en, de)

Conference language: German


Cooperation parters: Lebensministerium und Verein für Kosumenteninformation

Preparation: Participant research, emailing of potential participants, call of selected participants, talks with consultants

Participants: about 30 (companies, consultants/auditors, representatives from CB (Ministry and VKI)

Media work: press release and entry in the press event platform incl. newsletter for journalists > Articles in Papier&Druck 2-2013), Grafisches Gewerbe 3-4/2013, Grafisches Gewerbe 3/4-2013, and Graphische Revue 6.3.2013

Material for participants: EU Ecolabel folder including hardcopies of programme, 1page short info, Commission Decision and fact sheet for printed paper products, list of auditors and consultants

Results: The participants were very interested in the EU Ecolabel for printed paper products, approx. five showed direct interest to apply soon, others intend to extend to EU Flower during the renewal of the AT ecolabel. - It was suggested that the official award ceremony should take place during the event „Golden Pixel Award 2013“ ( The Austrian CB seems to welcome this idea.

Next steps: mailing to companies invited which did not participate in the Vienna workshop. Maybe  another workshop can be organised in Salzburg for the central and western part of Austria. 

Questions & Answers:

  • Fee: reduction of fees if a national licenceholder extends to the EU Ecolabel;
  • Synergies and advantages for national licence holders;
  • Paper supply of EU Ecolabelled paper;
  • Application of criterion # 5, waste paper;
  • EU-wide marketing benefits for licence holders 


Photographs: Auditorium - Podium - Andreas Tschulik (Ministry/CB) - Leitner (EU project) - Kornherr (VKI/CB) - Andreas Scherlofsky (EU project)