Eco-friendly Products choose the EU Ecolabel
Eco-friendly Products choose the EU Ecolabel

National Implementation by the CB

1. Fix your implementation plan 2013

The first step is to draft and agree with the project team a national plan for the implementation of the EU Ecolabel for printed paper products in your country including:

    (contacts with industry representatives, special interest media, etc.)
  • PREPARE YOUR DATA BASE AND GET IN CONTACT with printers and purchasers,
    split them into a hot-list of those with high interest (EMAS/ISO14001 companies,
    green purchasers etc.) and those for which you need more information
    Organise and/or initiate national workshop for printers and relevant key
    stakeholders of the printing industry, until June 2013 latest (organised in
    cooperation with key stakeholders, such as business representative
    organisations, printer's associations, etc.

  • PREPARE YOUR INFO PACKAGE - for printing and publishing companies
    and all relevant key stakeholders by means of info material, articles in media,
    national Application-Guides and forms, web information
  • DEMAND-SIDE ACTIVITIES: promotion of the EU Ecolabel towards companies
    and institutions placing offers with printing companies (GREEN PURCHASEMENT)

2. Use our support

  • Take our support offer: We offer our support by coaching and by the preparation of tools, checklist,  templates which you can adaptate for your own purpose
  • Have a look at our Best Practice Collection, Best Practice Manual (a first draft will be presented at the EUEB Meeting in June 2913) and pick out the information you need for your planning


3. Documentation

All activities, documents and web information carried out within this cooperation will be documented in the interim and final report.